Awareness Creation and Education on Sickle Cell Disease

It has been over 110 years since SCD was first recognized, yet the level of public awareness and understanding of the disease is quite low. With low understanding comes the misconceptions about SCD that fuel stigma, implicit bias and racism in the society.
We aim to raise awareness and educate targeted segments of the general and patient population about Sickle Cell Disease, its implications and the importance of early detection, management and comprehensive care.
We achieve this through 3 main initiatives:

1. Education Initiative

Our education program targets warriors, caregivers and the general population. Utilizing informative materials and engaging talks, we strive to enhance understanding of Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait.

2. Awareness Activities

To bridge the awareness gap, we organize dynamic and interactive events led by our warriors. These activities are designed to enlighten the general public about the nuances of SCD, fostering empathy and dispelling misconceptions.

3. Trainings

By empowering healthcare workers and volunteers, we enhance the overall support system for individuals with SCD.