Access to Healthcare Services for Persons Living With SCD

People Living With Sickle Cell Disease (PLWSCD) experience several health challenges that can lead to certain complications during their lifespan. The devastating fact is that in Sub-Saharan Africa, 50% to 90% of children born with SCD do not live to their 5th birthday due to a lack of proper medical care.


We partner with government, businesses, and communities to provide access to healthcare services that are of high-quality, affordable, safe, patient-centered, timely, and within reasonable reach for our Sickle Cell warriors. We achieve this through 2 main initiatives:

1. Insurance Coverage

Recognizing the myriad health challenges faced by persons living with sickle cell disease, we provide monthly insurance coverage to alleviate the financial burden on our onboarded warriors, ensuring access to high-quality, affordable, and timely healthcare.

2. Psychosocial Events

We weave emotional support and community connections through tailored initiatives, to promote the holistic well-being of our warriors and caregivers.